logo_2How am I? Scientist who decided that programming may open many doors for her?

Basically, I graduated from medical biotechnology and computer sciences. For now, I am PhD candidate in the area of molecular biology. I work at a ‘wet lab’ but also I use Python for simple scripts and software.

I love to learn new things, both in biology and computer sciences but in many other areas as well. I am highly motivated to develop further in particular in the area of Data Science.

I love to teach, I mentor both adults during Python courses as well as teach children basics of programming (Scratch, ScratchJr). I think it is crucial to share your knowledge with others, it is what pushes on science. I also think that it is very important to encourage the youngest to develop in STEM sciences, both boys and girls. I also support ‘girls in STEM’ movement as women are still underestimated in science and tech but it’s happily changing.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me with anything besides spam.