How Python connects you with biological databases? #2 – PubMed

Pubmed is the biggest database of biological scientific papers. There are other databases that gather information about all scientific papers (e.g. google scholar, scopus), however in biological sciences, still most commonly used is Pubmed from NCBI.

There is quite easy way to access Pubmed through their API (Entrez), however, there is already easier way by using BioPython, which I recommend.

To use it you need BioPython installed on your computer, import Entrez from BioPython

from Bio import Entrez

Simple examples are available in the documentation: = ""
pmid = "19304878"
handle = Entrez.elink(dbfrom="pubmed", id=pmid, linkname="pubmed_pubmed")
record =

More specific instructions are in Tutorial (concerning both PubMed and MedLine): = ""
handle = Entrez.esearch(db="pubmed", term="orchid", retmax=463)
record =
idlist = record["IdList"]

For specific information for found articles you can use Entrez.efetch using ids of articles.

handle = Entrez.efetch(db = 'pubmed', retmode = 'xml', id = idlist)
results =

Then, you can then handle the results as dictionaries in Python.

BioPython really made it easier to use many databases.


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