Python for kids?

Python is a very friendly programming language to start for adults as a very first programming experience. However, can it be used in education of younger? Of course. But I would recommend it as a second step after understanding basic algorithms (e.g. with Scratch or ScratchJr). Python is great to start their programming journey for teens, those who know what sentence structure is and who can do some mathematics.

Why Python is good to start?

  • Comparing to other widely used programming languages, it has quite easy syntax. You can experience it from your first line of clean and working code, so it will encourage you to write more.
  • It is a high level programming language, so you really don’t need too much code to see the effect – also encouraging.
  • There are a lot of information on the Web about Python, how to start with Python, what to do in case of failure – it is very important to have support, feeling that you have someone to turn to for help anytime.
  • If you want to sell something to kids, it must feel interesting to them. Well… you can make simple games with Python (and it’s not very hard), you can quite easily prepare a website and, last but not least, coding on Raspberry Pi may also be an argument.

There are also a couple of books concerning Python for kids. Just to name some:

  1. Python For Kids For Dummies: Brendan Scott
  2. Python for Kids. A Playful Introduction to Programming by Jason R. Briggs
  3. Python Projects for Kids. Jessica Ingrassellino

2 thoughts on “Python for kids?

  1. id recommend making more intermediate languages between python and beginners. i used to try to teach basic and python to people, but i ran into trouble. i made note of whatever people struggled with, and set out to create a language that avoided those issues (and also allowed transitioning through inline python.)

    whether you think i did a good job of it or not, i think the idea is a good one. im currently exploring the idea that writing a mini/toy programming language is the best way to learn coding. yes, i do know how that sounds. for what its worth, i learned how to program (in basic) when i was younger than 8.


    • Hi, thanks for your input. Earlier I wrote about Scratch and ScratchJr as example languages to start coding even as 5year old. Of course, Python is not perfect, but from ‘most often used programming languages in real world’, Python is most friendly (I compare to e.g. Java, C#).

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