Say ‘Thank you’ to stackoverflow!

All of you know what an important site is for every programmer (it’s one of rare things that unifies Python, Java, C#, RubyonRails (etc.) developers). Recently, I became active user of stackoverflow and, if that’s even possible, I’m even more impressed.

Documentation beta is a interesting thing and earlier I did not pay much attention to it. Especially interesting in Python is incompatibilities between Python2 and Python3 as Python supports both versions for now, but about that I would like to write later as it’s a bit wide topic. You can actually learn from scratch using stackoverflow Documentation. Documentation of R starts with installing R and ‘hello world’. This Documentation is different than original documentation because when users write documentation is really based mainly on examples. Developers think about their software a bit (a lot?) differently than the users. And it’s ok, two documentations complement each other.

I didn’t use jobs so I won’t comment on it. However, it’s nice that it was included on stackoverflow.

The most important thing: Questions. There are millions of questions about programming in any language on any system you use. You can learn from answers, see how many ways there is to solve the same issue. Maybe you’ll notice faster solution for your application? To learn for yourself it’s even fun to repeat what asker did and try to solve the problem. When you do, you can submit the answer.

However, the strength of stackoverflow depend on users input, therefore I encourage you to share your expertise with other users. Don’t be just readers but write answers, comment, score answers, ask questions and mark best answers! It can be really rewarding :). The best way to say ‘Thank you’ to stackoverflow is to get active. As we say in polish: “No one is a lonely island”, get noticed!


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