Get noticed 2017

I will participate in the contest starting today – 1 March 2017 ( The contest is called ‘Get Noticed!’ During the contest I will develop open-source project ( that is going to be web service with tools for biologists. I will be posting about project development along with posts on bioinformatics and Python. All posts associated with the contest will be tagged in get-noticed group. The contest will end with the end of May.

A bit more about the project:

It will be written in Python (3.5), webpage will use cherrypy/html/css, and multiple libraries as biopython and numpy will be used.

The ‘must have’ functions:

  1. sequence-associated functions
  1. reverse complement sequences
  2. translate
  3. reverse translate
  4. restriction digestion

  1. control sequences generation
  1. random DNA/RNA/protein sequence
  2. shuffle DNA/RNA/protein sequence
  1. biological data functions
  1. combine fasta records
  2. find non-sequence data/remove white space/etc

During the contest I will add more functions, if you have any suggestions – I am open to implement them ;).

I think I will also add some more memory-demanding scripts for data analysis (e.g. deep sequencing) but for analyzes on user’s computer.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Moreover, for me it’s first blog, first twitter and first facebook page!


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